Hide Yo Kids! It’s The 5 Worst Moms on YouTube [WARNING! DISTURBING VIDEOS]

3. Mom Forces Baby To Get “Devil” Tattoo

To juxtapose against number 5, this entry is the mother that cares way, way too much — so much so, that she apparently feels her baby is the Devil. And so she brands him with a “666” tattoo as part of her fundamentalist religion. This is totally the real-life version of the mom from “Carrie.” And if you’ve seen “Carrie” you know that that is a pretty awful mama. I fully expect this kid, if he hasn’t been put in foster care already (hopefully he has), to grow up being whipped while his mom screams bible verses at him. That is, if she doesn’t perform an exorcism with a butcher knife on him first.

2. Mom Smothers Baby On Camera

You know there’s some dark shit in the world when a mom trying to murder her baby is only number 2 on this list. It’s number 2 though because, while the video shows the mom smothering her baby in its hospital crib, the baby survives. It isn’t exactly a gruesome video; it’s just infinitely sad. You know a mommy video is sad when you’re hoping that the intended result was only a “Münchausen’s Syndrome thing” with the mom having mental issues — and not cold-blooded infanticide.

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