Homeless Man Receives Gift Of $3000 Dollars After Video Of His Mustache Dancing Goes Viral

The creators behind the YouTube channel Whatever recently changed a life with their most recent video. The channel is made up of an assortment of prank and social experiment videos that capture creators Brain, Fred and Luke doing things from picking up girls with fake erections to getting girls’ numbers without talking.

In March, the three friends were on their way home from filming when they came across Clydesdale, a homeless man with a talent for making his mustache dance. Taking on a life of its own, Clydesdale’s mustache bounces, shakes, does the wave, and above all, is the sexiest thing to grace the channels of YouTube in years. The Whatever guys filmed a quick video of Clydesdale’s talent and uploaded the video alongside an Indiegogo campaign with the hope of raising money to buy Clydesdale a needed set of dentures. The campaign recently closed, and the Whatever boys released a video of them presenting Clydesdale with the $3000 raised along with a Whatever-branded orange shirt that can be seen from space and a Whatever baseball hat. But the best part of the video is Clydesdale’s gratefulness to the YouTubers’ generosity and his thanks to everyone who has given him a spark in life. Keep dancing, Clydesdale: Your mustache is making the world a better place.

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