Hulu Plus Finally Releases App For Windows Phone


Unlike its bigger competitors Apple and Google, Microsoft is playing catch-up when it comes to getting high-profile apps. Today, Hulu announced that its Hulu Plus app is available for download on the fledgling Windows Phone platform.

In the company blog post, Hulu Product Manager Karan Nischol wrote: “The app leverages Windows design principles that lend themselves elegantly to the rich content catalog and features on Hulu Plus. The clean and easy to navigate UI provides a visually engaging and intuitive experience.”

The app, which has already been available for download on Windows 8 desktops, has all the features that you would expect from Hulu Plus, including videos streamed in HD quality and categories like TV shows, movies and favorites all lined up on the main menu. The app will also make recommendations based on your viewing history.

In addition to the layout, users can watch unfinished episodes from other devices on their account on the Hulu Plus app.

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