Indmusic Forms New Partnerships, Now Has Access To Diplo, Lecrae, Other Music Artists


Indmusic, the largest music-specific multi-channel network on YouTube, has just strengthened their grasp by shoring up some clutch new partnerships with some of music’s most valuable record labels and management companies.

Adding serious strategic value to the already-hip label, the new partnership forges Indmusic’s ties with Tmwrk, Reach, Decon, Iamsound, Paper Garden, Top Shelf, Mixmash, Temporary Residence Limited and Lucky Me. This brings their channel partnership count up to 221, with over 1.4 billion total views.

Indmusic also now has access to an impressive bevvy of rosters, which includes talented artists and producers such as Diplo, Lecrae and Explosions in the Sky. Indmusic will also be handling monetization and rights for the new partners, so they will be sure to see an immediate push towards maximizing their artistic potential in that sense.

When NMR asked Indmusic CEO Brandon Martinez how the new partners could immediately benefit Indmusic, he pulled his best JFK impression with, “It’s about how INDMUSIC can immediately benefit the new Partners, whether implementing on-channel strategies or cleaning up rights issues on the back end.” Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.


NMR attempted to probe Martinez a little further seeing if we could get him to highlight who he thought was the next Baauer (already an established Indmusic partner) with a “Harlem Shake”-style viral phenomenon waiting in the wings, but he was too smart for that: “All of them! We have upcoming releases from Mr. MFN eXquire, Milkman, MisterWives, Alice & the Glass Lake, Troy Ave., Soul Khan, and many other talented artists we want to see break through.”

In the end, the bottom line is that “anybody willing to work hard” has a potential to be the next Baauer. ”‘Harlem Shake’ proved that a viral hit can happen in a flash and you need to be prepared.”

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