Jack Vale | Prankster


He just got arrested not too long ago again. Oh yeah, Charles Ross, that was the guy’s name. Now have you ever been arrested yourself?

Random man in background: I’ve been arrested 18 times.

Yeah, for what?

Man: No, actually 36, sorry.

36 is kind of a lot. 18 I would kind of go with you, but 36–

JV: You have not. You have not.

Man: Look my name up, bro. I got 36 cases, bro.

I believe it. I do not doubt.

JV: I’ll look up your name.

[man says name]

JV: Why are you getting arrested? You’re such a nice guy, man, every time I see you.

Man: I just got drunk and got stupid a couple times.

JV: A couple times? 36 times, sounds like. Good to see you, man.

Have you ever been arrested?

JV: Never, never, because I don’t–

Man: Rookie!

JV: What did he say?


JV: Hey listen, it’s never going to happen buddy. No, I haven’t, because really the type of pranks that I do is sort of lighthearted and good humored, just fun.


Now you’ve kind of come close, it seems like a couple times–

Alright, alright, I know what you’re referring to. So there was one time in Target — I was in Target, right? Is that what you’re talking about? So I had a Pooter, just a Pooter prank, and I walked by and used the Pooter, sounded like I farted in public. Started walking around and this guy and his wife were both independently in wheelchairs, not wheelchairs, those little scooters, you know, that help them shop or whatever, but he got up out of his scooter and went up and down the aisle looking for me, and I was hiding at the other part of the store. He finally caught up to me, I literally — I have a Pooter right here — I literally walked up to him to approach him and let him in on the joke because I thought he would be good spirited about it, and he wasn’t. And he jumped up, he got up out of his little scooter that he was sitting in and just started going to town on me. It was crazy, and I was like, “Look, it’s just a Pooter! It’s just a joke!” And he didn’t want to hear it; he goes, “Yeah, I don’t care.” And I said, “Listen can I tell you something?” He goes, “Yeah,” but then he just started hitting me, punched me twice in the head. So Target banned the guy from the store, police came, the police officer that showed up heard on their way to the store, they knew what had happened: there is a guy with a fart maker, it upset this other guy, and he went and got up and started hitting this younger guy, so they knew the story so they knew it was me. The officer who showed up first knew that it was me, and he walks up to me and he goes, “So tell me what happened, Jack.” So he already knew my name before I said it, and I started showing — I figured they told him my name — I started using the Pooter, and he’s like, “I’ve seen it before, man. I’ve seen all your videos.” So it’s good to have cops that are your friends and your fans or whatever. So anyway we went back to the store about a week later not to do pranks — I don’t even think we were doing pranks — but we went in and they were looking out for us, so they banned us from the store because we came into the store with a video camera. They got wind of the video that went viral and banned us from the store, so I can never go back there.

Now is it just that specific Target?

Just that specific Target, yeah.

Was that back home in, you were up in Roseville?

Northern California, yeah. Yep, it was.

And that’s not the reason you moved down here though?

To hide from a lot of people, yeah, that’s why we came.

An old man and his Rascal — just to get out of his heat.

[laughs] Yeah.

He kind of owns that county now.

It was funny too. I enjoyed the reactions. I mean — excuse me — the comments on the video, because most people sort of defended me because it was so ridiculous to overreact on something like that, but also he was defending his wife because he felt like I farted in her face, so I guess that’s okay. A guy farts near your wife in public, beat the crap out of him.

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