Jack Vale | Prankster


Kind of a weird scene for sure. Now why did you guys come down to Huntington Beach?

Actually to be closer. I was filming a TV show here, and a lot of it was filmed here and it just seemed like everything just started to move in that direction, so that’s why we ended up coming here. We wanted a Southern California location, and we like it here. The beach is nice.

Do you find you get recognized a lot? You mentioned a cop kind of recognized you.

Yeah, but usually I have a pretty good feel for the environment, and if it looks like there is anybody recognizing me I’ll address that first, you know, and kind of walk around a little bit and say, “Hey, how’s it going” and everything, but I still think I’m pretty safe. It’s not like I’m Michael Jackson or anything.

I’m kind of fascinated about this arrest business here. Do you think it would alter the way you do things if you did got arrested pulling a prank?

No, I don’t think so. Probably not because I don’t do anything that deserves to be arrested, so if I did get arrested, I’d probably go out and do the same kind– unless I made a stupid decision and crossed the line. There have been a couple of those moments probably. I was out with some friends of mine recently and were doing the itsy bitsy spider prank, which is just your basic, real simple spider coming down with a fishing line, and you’re standing behind somebody putting it over their head, and spider comes down in front of them. There were some officers standing right over here, four of them in a row, and spider came down in one of their faces, and ah man, got a great reaction. It’s online, and it was great. Three of the officers thought it was hysterical; one of them was like, “I’m sure we could pick you up on something — you might not want to do that again.” Just attitude, you know? If it ever happened I think I’d probably continue my–

Merrymaking ways.

What’s that?

Your merrymaking ways.

What do you mean?

You would continue with your pranks; you wouldn’t give up pranks all together if you go arrested.

How like?

Like say you did something that did get you arrested, let’s say when you do your phone paranoid person routine where you call it and talk about somebody you’re in front of in line, let’s say.

Are you talking about?

You’ll be on the phone, and you’ll kind of say, “Oh, he is kind of standing out in front of the theatre here. Oh, he just looked at me. If you were doing something like that, and it wound up getting you arrested — we were capping off that thought of you.

Capping off? What does that mean?

Like stopping it. Like putting an exclamation point on that idea that you wouldn’t stop doing your humor.

Oh okay … I was just messing with you this whole time dude.


Oh you’re a funny guy. I’m sitting there and I’m just like … [fumbling for words]

I’m starting to feel really bad, like, this poor guy he keeps having to explain himself.

That’s fine. Well, you know what I mean, I sit there — you’re a YouTuber, so I’m used to having to talk slow [to your type]. Nah, come on, I’m kidding. I was hoping at some point I would be messed with a little, so that’s good. I feel better about that.

No man, all the stuff that I do I think 99.9 percent of the people that I prank know it’s good-natured, so I don’t usually have any trouble and problems like that.

Now what were you doing before YouTube basically allowed you to become a full-time YouTuber?

I had a business for several years selling movie and TV memorabilia online, so that’s how I supported my family for a while and it was kind of rough, and I’ll tell you I never thought I’d be supporting my five kids and a wife farting in public. That’s ridiculous that that could be someone’s career.

Now are they pretty supportive of you?

Oh yeah, totally.

You would encourage, say, your son, to jump into the pranking online business?

I would for sure, yeah, absolutely, because it’s it’s an actual option now. I mean that’s crazy, you know, because even five years ago YouTube was around, but I mean let’s even go further: 10 years ago it couldn’t be; what are you going to do? Put up a website, start making videos and you got to find fans — it was just different back then. Today it’s an actual possibility to do skits or pranks or sing covers of songs or play the guitar and actually have a career doing that kind of stuff; it’s amazing.

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