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You feel like there is kind of a shelf life on being a YouTuber? Can you continue your popularity well into your 70s?

You know what, I honestly think I can. I think it depends on a lot of things in the same way as having a TV career or movie career or something like that or an author, right? I think you can make certain choices that will kind of make you go downhill and spiral downward, and I think you can make good choices. I consider everything that I do in my career so that I make good choices, and you know, hopefully that will continue to grow my fan base and get people to tell their friends and they’ll subscribe.

What is an average day like for you?

Sunny for the most part; it’s Huntington Beach so it’s pretty much sunny. I think everyday is pretty different, and in the Vale house it’s sort of, you really never know. I wake up with an agenda every single time: these are the things I am going to get accomplished, and they almost never happen because with five kids — they range from 2 to almost 17 — so there is always something kind of going on in the house. So I can’t get out and film and I’m getting frustrated ‘cause of that, and I’m dealing with the kids, and then I’m going out doing pranks and then I hear about something; I get a text message. So I’m a family man, you know, so I mean it’s crazy; it’s crazy every single day. There is always something going on.

Where does the inspiration for your pranks come from?

I think mostly my stepdad. My mom was married for a while when I was young to a man who was just the ultimate prankster. He would fart in public legitimately and laugh about it, and he didn’t care we were at Wal Mart — and he would always say it “Wal Marts” ‘cause old people like to add the “s” to the end of everything, so “Let’s go down to Wal Marts.”  And he would get this weird look on his face, and he would fart. He would crack the loudest one off, and I was just a kid so it was still embarrassing but funny at the same time. That’s just the way that this guy was, and I think that really kind of followed me, and so I’ve always kind of been a prankster and now I get to do it everyday.

Do you feel like you started off silly, or do you feel like he really inspired you into that game?

I think ultimately I was just a kid. I met him when I was 2, I think, 2 or 3 — really since the beginning I remember him, so he really impacted me. He was like my dad.


How long have you actually been doing YouTube videos? Since about what year do you think?

I’ve had an account since 2007 or ‘8, something like that, but really, the last couple of years it’s sort of really taken off. I think maybe two or three years ago I had 100,000 subscribers, you know, and I was ecstatic about that, and then it started growing a little bit faster.

So do you feel like as you get older you’re becoming a better pranker, or is it giving you new opportunities?

Yeah for sure, and that’s kind of the cool thing about YouTube is YouTube’s become this really great platform for guys like me to be able to showcase some stuff that they otherwise could never showcase to anybody of substance. So now, like through my YouTube videos, Dick Clark Productions hired me for the new “Bloopers” TV show, and so we just shot 40 episodes of that, and half the season was filmed here, right in Huntington near my house, which is really, really cool. And then there are a lot of other things that happen; TV companies will approach you all the time to license little clips for their shows or whatnot, so it kind of transitioned from a YouTube career into a TV career and back and forth, so now I’m kind of branched out a little bit more.

Now do you think that there is an endgame? Is “god of all television” the endgame, or do you still want to maintain a YouTube career throughout?

I want to maintain a YouTube career throughout, yeah for sure, because TV is great, but there is just no way through TV to interact personally and have that personal connection with fans, and that’s what YouTube allows and that’s what’s great about YouTube.

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