Jenna Marbles is Unstoppable: Moves Into The YouTube Subscriber 2-Spot

Fill her with astronauts and sell her to NASA because Jenna Marbles is a bonafide rocket.

Blasting into the position of no. 2 on the YouTube total subscribers list, Miss Marbles is now second only to the boys of Smosh. And the way things are going, she’s a hop, skip and a jump from being the biggest of the big (now I feel bad for not returning all those late night phone calls from her — yo gurl, it’s J-sizzle. Holla atcha boy …). Pushing past Ray William Johnson with an 8.7 million subscriber tally (as of this writing) to his 8.6 million, Jenna is just short of the top by 1,000,000 lousy subscribers (step it up, Swaziland!).

I know its beating the same drum to report this every time Jenna sucks the life out of a fellow YouTuber and leaves their dry, withered husk by the side of the highway (not to be taken literally), but Jenna is still crushing it up the boards with less than half the video uploads (142) of Smosh (291) or RWJ (366). Jenna basically has 61,276 subscribers per video. If she had the same number of videos as Smosh (yes, it’s flawed logic, but it’s fun to speculate), she’d have over 17 million subscribers. Damn.

Think about that the next time you upload a video of your stupid dog rolling around on a stupid towel. And congratulations Jenna, you’re killing it. Don’t stop ‘til there is nothing left to climb. Hell, even then …

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