Jimmy Kimmel Scores 2 Million Views For Aww-inducing ‘Baby Bachelor’ [VIDEO]

Ahhhhh, cute babies doing cute things!

Jimmy Kimmel is quickly becoming a master of tugging at the transmedia heartstrings — he’s so far notched up 2 million hits for his version of “The Bachelor” starring, get this, babies. Okay, so it sounds a little contrived and meh, but in all actuality, it totally works. The bachelor — Jimmy’s toddler nephew — is pretty charming and cute with the female contestants (especially Ashley the 26-year-old dental hygienist and Stella the 27-month-old cryer).

“I find this more entertaining than the actual Bachelor — I just can’t wait to see how they handle the Fantasy Suite,” said my wife, who insisted I write this article because women everywhere would “find it adorable.” Hey, don’t forget about effeminate men like myself — we love it too! (Jeff begins crying and, shockingly, lactating).

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