Joss Whedon Joins Twitter To Make Microblogging More Fun


Finally, someone interesting on Twitter — things have gotten a little stale since the pope retired.


Joss Whedon, super director and generally well-regarded wit, has decided to shake up the world 140 characters at a time.

Granted, he started out on Twitter in much the same fashion as most of us — kind of toe in the water, getting a feel for the social media platform with the initial tweet of, “It’s me! Joss! My own account! No more hiding under studio skirts! I’m FREE!” Note the timid entry, excessive punctuation and needless self-identifier made particularly worthless by the fact that his Twitter handle is @JossActual.

Joss didn’t stay meek for long though as the gloves came off with his much more confident followup: “MY account! I got strong opinions! I’m gettin’ POLITICAL! (Heads up, LEMURS!) And making wry observations about mundane stuff! #airlines.”

Umm, yeah, that’s the stuff.

Umm, yeah, that’s the stuff.

There is no telling why Whedon, who is an avid social media advocate and who I interviewed (and accidentally asked out on a date) at the third annual Streamy Awards (holla!), has taken so long to dive into the popular world of microblogging, but he has made up for his absence quickly, already garnering 48,000 followers in just two days’ time.

Of course, my prediction is that this will be a short-lived affair. The writer/director of “The “Avengers” movie and the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series is a smart, droll fellow and nowhere near desperate enough to conceive something funny and then bother to pull out his smartphone and tweet it out for short-lived internet acclaim #WillFerrell.

No, if he was going to become a serious twit, he’d have done so already.