‘Lil’ Dicky is Just So Happy to Be A ‘White Dude” [VIDEO]

Lil’ Dicky is so right now.

Blowing up like … I don’t know, what’s something that’s less offensive than a fertilizer plant? This white rapper from Philly never forgets for a second who he is, what he is and most importantly, what he isn’t. He’s entitled, he’s a skin color that allows him to not get hassled by cops, he’s a sex that doesn’t have to deal with periods, primping or morning sickness and best of all, he’s talented enough to do what most guys who look like him can’t — become a successful independent rapper.

Macklemore and Lil’ Dicky are suddenly two of the hottest names in the rap game, and Dicky, coming off the success of his monster viral hit for “Ex-Boyfriend” is threatening to stick around with an infectious new track called “White Dude.” Not to take away from any other race, creed, color or sex, but as Lil’ Dicky raps, we white dudes have it pretty good. Not banging Playmate Melissa Soria good like Lil’ Dicky, but still, pretty damn good.

Also he has a nice YouTube channel flush with decent tracks. Check ’em all out here.

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