‘Maker Studios Shakeups To Likely Continue,’ According To Inside Sources

Perhaps it’s a telling sign that the one position they are actually hiring for at Maker Studios is a public relations director, because, right now, that seems like Quixotic folly … an unachievable task.


After the recent round of layoffs, credible inside sources seem to think more are on the way. While there have been somewhere in the neighborhood of roughly 40 employees laid off so far, the sources believe that as many as 60 more could be on the chopping blocks within the next few weeks. That would make upwards of 100 people cut loose from a company that recently received an astounding $36 million in venture capital funding.

According to those same sources, each department seems to be cutting 1-3 employee positions — potentially huge numbers considering that, according to their LinkedIn profile, their company size is in the range of 51-200 employees. If they drop 100 employees, upwards of half their staff could soon be without employment.

Though there is outside talk of “bad blood” between the laid-off employees and the studios, Maker’s non-disclosure agreements prevent any former employees from actually discussing their employment or subsequent terminations.

It is believed though that the non-executive employees received no more than a two-week severance provision, and with those other pink slips allegedly on the way, uncertain times could be ahead on the social media landscape.


The Maker layoffs come, as we’ve previously reported, on the heels of Danny Zappin’s departure from the role of studio CEO, and at this time it is not known if this is the result of windfall from his severance package — or if this is just a company that grew too big too quickly?

Maker’s official position on the matter is firm: “Our business is evolving and as we strategically plan for our next phase of growth, we are making adjustments in some key areas and changing allocation of internal resources. We made these staff reductions in some areas while we are actively hiring in key divisions.” Needless to say, we will be watching the developments from the company as they come.

Coupled up now with the Ray William Johnson lawsuit against the studios, in these uncertain times for the company, one thing is certain: whoever fills that public relations position is going to have to hit the ground running.


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