‘Maker vs. Marker’ Breathes New Life Into YouTube Animation [VIDEO]

A magician in the form of an illustrator named Don Hertzfeldt changed my life. His Academy Award-nominated film “Rejected” blew my mind and made me realize that, with animation, the possibilities were just about endless.

Of course, I never actually did anything in illustration and my life has suffered for it. I’ve done a lot of gritty, gritty things that I am not proud of, instead of just sitting there with a pen and paper honing a respectable and street-legal craft. No, it’s safe to say that I now have to pray there is no God, just so I don’t have to account for the wretched mutilations I have performed on my mortal soul [Jeff sighs and takes another drag on a filterless cigarette].

But, giving me a renewed hope in … something … there is this fantastic and fun video of an illustrator fighting with the warrior he just created. I don’t want to spoil it, but the warrior actually wins — though we are left to consider that there could be a round two (ohh shit … guess I did spoil it … well, fucking terrific. I guess there’s just one more stain upon this broken twisted mass of doomed flesh. So sorry to intrude on your perfect existence.

Seriously though, enjoy the video!

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