Man Proposes To Girlfriend On Twitter Proving Romance Is Not Dead — It’s Just Online

Los Angeles native Curt Buthman knew just the way to propose to his social media-savvy girlfriend and used Twitter and Vine to capture their couple’s big moment. His now fiance, Marsha Collier, has made a name for herself training individuals on how to use and make money on Ebay and through the online community. At the time of the proposal Collier was holding an online discussion with Twitter users about customer service when her fiance uploaded a short Vine video to the #custserv Twitter account. The tweet featured the video picturing Buthman holding the ring and tagged with #willyoumarryme?


The bride-to-be quickly accepted Buthman’s proposal and was bombarded by the congratulations of her 70,000 followers. The lovebirds celebrated with pizza, and upon request, have promised to incorporate Twitter in their upcoming nuptials. Coller and Buthman are not the first couple to get engaged on Twitter — they were preceded last December by Kat Von D and DJ Deadmau5. So gents, forget roses and candlelight — turns out the key to a true romantic proposal is just a hashtag away.

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