MashUp Video Of ‘The Great Gatsby’ And Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’ Proves Everything Is Better With Cats

Is it even possible to make the “The Great Gatsby” movie any more incredible than it already is? The casting is perfect, the costumes are every fashionistas’ wet dream, and the soundtrack is holding strong at no. 3 on iTunes top albums list. Had you asked me 10 minutes ago I would have said, “Nope, no way the movie could be any better.” But that was 10 minutes ago, and in the world of online video, 10 minutes is equivalent to about 10 years of internet time.

With all that time having passed, I’ve found that “The Great Gatsby” could have been much better … if it had cats. Giving the people just what they want, the YouTube channel Guyism presents to you “The Great Catsby,” a mashup of the audio from “The Great Gatsby” trailer with scenes from Disney’s animated movie “The Aristocats.” The video has everything you’d ever wanted in a trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice, cats, action, epic music and more cats playing instruments at a jazz club. Could you ask for much more?

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