Matty B Freestyle Rapping With Mario Lopez Is Surely A Sign Of The Apocalypse [VIDEO]

Holy hell. I don’t even know if this video is “viral,” but it doesn’t even matter. All you need to know is that “Extra,” the television vehicle that gave A.C. Slater his second chance, decided recently that rap battles should be added to their cavalcade of nonsense.

Enter 10-year-old YouTube rap sensation(?) MattyB. Let me set the scene here: Mario Lopez doing a freestyle rap about his dog Julio, Maria Menounos rapping about, and I quote, “Following your dreams,” plus MattyB doing his damndest to suppress this memory that will surely haunt him for years to come.

I think Maria Menounos summed it up best when she said, “Mario your dimples make you sweet like churros, but now you got the real deal Menounos. My dream is something I do, like getting a Corvair, that was a dream too.”

In other news, this actually happened.


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