Meme Watch 2013: Cat Beard Is So Hot Right Now [GALLERY]


Straight from the banks of internet weirdness, I present you with the cat beard meme. The feline-infused meme arrived last year, according to Metro, on the Tumblr site Catasters, which clumsy portmanteau aside, seems to be dedicated to posting pictures of cats flipping the fuck out.

The meme picked up additional popularity this week after the Tumblr of Captain Awesomesauce posted the results of a “Cat Beards” Google search. The post has received 87,337 notes (Tumblr’s version of “likes”), which now means people are literally going bananas over the meme. Well, not literally, but I’m sure someone, somewhere saw it and then bought a bunch of bananas.

Cat beard works like this: snap a “selfie” (as the kids call them) with a cat covering the bottom half of your face; the desired effect should look like you have a beard made of cat. That’s it, just cats acting like beards. Whole lot of strange birds out there in web land.


The whole trend is weird for me because I actually tried to do a cat beard when I was a kid with my best pal “Mr. Snugglez.” The result, as recorded above, was less than savory.

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