Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep Listening To Michael Caine During TV Interview

After filming four movies together, it seems only natural that Morgan Freeman would grow tired of listening to co-star Michael Caine babble on and on about, well, anything.

Seated next to Caine during an interview with Seattle’s Q13 Fox News for their upcoming film “Now You See Me,” Freeman can’t keep his eyes open during the two-minute video. With Caine talking on and on about the movie, Freeman decides to lay his head down on his chest and, as I imagine it, lulls himself to sleep with such thoughts as “This queen loving bastard talks a lot” and “Fuck you cracker, I’m tired.”

It isn’t like he hasn’t heard it before. With four movies together, Freeman has spent years listening to Caine prattled on about the British empire, crumpets, the Queen’s corgis, watching himself on the telly, bangers and mash, visiting pubs and One Direction. So why not utilize the interview to catch up on some well deserved sleep? It’s a bold move Freeman, but what can I say, I like your style.

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