‘Morgan Freeman’ Reads the Infamous Sorority Letter To Perfection [VIDEO]

YouTuber Josh Robert Thompson — an actor and the voice of “The Late Late Show” With Craig Ferguson’s talking skeleton puppet co-host, Geoff, has virtually created a new line of crime: voice fraud.

So dead-on is he at impersonating Morgan Freeman’s voice, that he destroys any chance the actual Morgan Freeman has at making money with this same gig. Mimicry be damned, Thompson as far as the internet is concerned, IS Morgan Freeman.

Reading that insane Delta Gamma (who, back in my own frat house days, we used to call the Dick Grabbers … I am not a proud man) letter, I completely bought Thompson’s interpretation and yelled, “Wow, this YouTuber has inside access to Morgan Freeman! That’s a license to print money on the internet!” Now, if the actual Morgan Freeman made this same video,
I’d be like, “Who gives a fuck? Old news.”

More terrifyingly, this might be a real danger to Morgan Freeman’s narrative livelihood — remember how tired all those “Matrix” parodies made the actual franchise? Imagine if hundreds of Morgan Freeman narrative parodies flooded the internet? Would anybody even bother going to see “March of the Penguins: First Blood”?

On a side note, as an alumni of Sigma Nu — the frat mentioned in the letter — I’ve got to say I agree with this sister. Some of you ladies haven’t been bringing your A-game lately, and, frankly, I’m a little tired of it. We didn’t make all this jungle juice for you to stand in the corner and act like “a boner.”

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