MrRepzion Responds To YouTuber Onision’s Accusation That He Was Stalking Him

As I preface, I truly would like to stop writing about Greg Jackson (Onision). But, if you’ve been following the YouTuber lately, then surely you’ve seen that his life seems to be imploding before the starving eyes of fans and “haters” alike. Thus as an upstanding muckraker, Jackson has, of late, continually been in the sleazy wheelhouse I call “article ideas.”

If you haven’t been following the ongoing feud between Onision and YouTuber Daniel Sulzbach (MrRepzion), here’s an abridged version: A few days ago Jackson uploaded a video calling out a “stalker” for sending a handwritten letter to his inlaws. While Jackson never explicitly said who the alleged stalker was, in a video uploaded the same day, Sulzbach on his channel defended himself claiming that Jackson was calling him a stalker.

I reached out to Sulzbach, who told me, “As of this week he recently released a video addressing a stalker, which he assumes is me by claiming I wrote a hand-written letter to his parents in-laws. I can understand why he might think it was me due to my videos in the past on calling him out on his bullshit with evidence, but I do not like being accused of things I did not do.”

Sulzbach claims that Jackson is notorious for “playing the victim card” and that “he never takes responsibility for anything he says.” In the video uploaded in his defense, Sulzbach explains that he did not send any snail mail to Jackson’s in laws. In an email, Sulzbach explained: “I made my most recent video ‘Evidence Vs Onision’ where I showcase the user who wrote the letter. That same day Onision made a second video to mine expressing that he didn’t even watch my full video and attempts to humorously shrug off anything I said due to me having 90,000 subscriptions vs his 200,000 something.”


The feud, as it has been developing, has culminated in a series of bizarre events including a filed privacy complaint against Jackson’s stalker video. Jackson also experienced viewer backlash as a screenshot involving the YouTuber speaking to an underage girl who had sent him a nude photo was recently leaked. While the feud and the photo incident seem to be unrelated, Sulzbach sounded off in the comments section of the article detailing the underage scandal saying, “He’s cutting off all communications because he knows he’s pushing himself back into a corner, a corner he can’t escape from.”

At the end of his email, Sulzbach told me: “To summarize Onision in one sentence, he is a fun filled little lollipop triple dipped in psycho.”

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