Neosignal’s ‘Planet Online’ Music Video is the Entire Interwebs in ’90s Toy Form

“I just might sound like some old, grumpy asshole by saying this, but I just can’t bring myself to get on-board with this new wave of electronic music all you young whippersnappers are listening to these days,” said Eddie as he waved his cane in the air from the rocking chain he lingers in daily on the front porch of his retirement home. “All that bipping and booping and beeping and bangity, bangity, wom, wom, wwaah, wwaaaaaaahaaaaa just doesn’t do it for me.” [as said in Bill Cosby’s voice]

But sometimes, from the mire that is the electronic music scene comes a music video that not only captures my eyes and ears, but my heart as well. Suddenly, from a door bursting open with a force not unlike a grenade blast, appears European electronic project/group/thing Neosignal with their video for the song “Planet Online.” We are taken on a distorted journey to a time gone past as some of the internet’s most iconic websites are transformed into bastardized versions of some of our most nostalgic childhood toys. In the words of one of my friends after I showed her this bad boy: “It’s like if the internet was on drugs in the early 90’s.” This video and song combination is a hot potato. Blow on the spoon before you take a bite — you might burn the roof of your mouth. Or something. I’m hungry.