Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Finds Dog Buried Alive Under Rubble During Touching CBS Interview

Better grab some tissues, because this video will practically pull your heartstrings clear out of your chest.

On Monday, the city of Moore, Oklahoma, was hit by a massive tornado that took the lives of 24 people, including 9 children. Every neighborhood in the suburban town was destroyed, and as many residents have described it, “Everything is gone.” So when tornado survivor Barbara Garcia pulled herself from the pile of debris she had once called her home, she knew there was little hope in finding her dog alive among the rubble. Later in an interview with CBS News reporter Anna Werner, Garcia shares that she was holding onto her dog in her little bathroom when the tornado hit. Upon impact, she was pulled from the stool she was sitting on and, after being blown around a bit, opened her eyes to find herself buried under her house.

As the interview comes to a close, someone exclaims from behind the camera that they see the dog stuck, but alive under the rubble. Oh boy, cue the waterworks. This video would make even Cruella de Vil shed some tears.

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