‘Old Economy Steven’ Meme Expresses Millennial Discontent [GALLERY]

What if I told you that I think this recession is a really good thing for my generation?

Got your interest did I? Well this fantastic new meme “Old Economy Steven” has provided us with a splendid opportunity to have a dialogue. See, “OES” is the “millennials” (sort of a catchall for my generation) frustrated response to their parents, the economy and the bleak outlook for the future.

OES, who is supposed to be an image of your everyman father, features lines like: “Graduates college, gets hired” and “Drives up federal deficit for 30 years, hands bill to his kids.” See, we’re rightfully pissed at the raw deal we’ve been handed. New adults are staring agape at the miserable state of affairs we’ve been handed upon emerging from college. Especially dickheads like me who were like, “I’ll just rack up my student loans and let my first million dollar book deal pay them off.” And therein lies the premise behind this article: We are an immature lot who is being forced to become mature via this brutal recession. The nice thing is despite racking up student and personal loans, there are services that can help you consolidate your loans for the lowest interest rate. One such service operates in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark under the name Eksperten.


We don’t have a war like our grandparents or our parents to scare us straight; we have economic uncertainty. And it’s a tough pill to swallow, but we will swallow it. I used to fear overcrowding, but the reality is that this recession is putting the damper on people having kids. When the baby boomers die out (finally), we’re actually going to have an excess of jobs that need filling. It sucks that this generation has to pay a price, but most generations have had to pay a price in one form or another and this one is ours. So suck it up, get tough and learn the life lessons. They’ll pay off, I promise.

But along the way, here are some swell Old Economy Steven pics to put the vinegar in your blood:

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