Photos of Spanish Newborn Twins Holding Hands Go Viral on YouTube [VIDEO]

Spanish twins Daniel and Maria could not physically touch each other during their nine months in their mother’s womb because they were in separate amniotic sacs. After their mother gave birth to them earlier this year through cesarean section, the twins were placed in the same cot. Nurses and doctors who passed by noticed something amazing — the newborn  twins were holding hands.

Dr. Rodriguez, who witnessed the twins holding hands, asked the parents to take photos of the moment. She told local newspaper Diario Vasco: “I’ve seen a lot of births and I’ve seen a lot of newborns but I’ve never seen that before.”

When someone on YouTube recently posted a clip from a local news report featuring the twins, it went viral with more than 604,000 views.

Four months after their birth, their father Mario told Diario Vasco: “The day they held hands they signed a contract to be together forever.”

See the touching moment in the video above.

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