Police Chase Videos Are Starting To Get A Little Too Polished [VIDEO]


With music, snark and cute animals, you’d think police pursuit videos were trying to go “mainstream.”

For some reason, cop “chase” videos are becoming a more consistent “must watch” antic on YouTube. It’s as if the police are going to monetize these things and build Robocop. This new chase video, filmed, as they all are now, by the dashboard-mounted video camera, shows a speeder blasting by at well above the posted 35 mph sign. Suddenly, like an episode of “CHIPS,” the cool music starts in, the cop takes off in pursuit and a glib little message comes up to warn us that the video has been sped up to enhance the drama. It’s policing — TO THE EXTREME!

Wow, cops are badasses after all. Now lets all suck back some Sunny D and rollerblade down to the mall. YOLO!

Jesus, this video is so anti-climactic that it pains me to see it get the enhancements it has. I won’t spoil it for you; just know that when I said “cute animals” above, it was a big clue. Wake me when Michael Bay starts directing these things.


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