Break Out the Bubbly! Kingsley Reaches 2 Million Subscriber Milestone

As a staff writer for NMR, I am supposed to love all YouTubers equally. But like my grandmother who continues to slip an extra buck or two into my cousin’s birthday card each year, I too have my favorites. And Kingsley, you sweet, beautiful man, you are one of them.

Kingsley, whose channel recently hit the milestone of 2 million subscribers, has been serenading the ears of YouTube with his hilarious, raunchy rants since 2009. Yet despite his hundreds of videos that have elevated him to the title of YouTube superstar, Kingsley has not lost sight of the supporters who have made his YouTube career possible. Talking with NMR about his milestone, Kingsley stated:

“Gahhhhh! This is so weird. Subscribers are, in most cases, our biggest supporters. They see our videos first, they’re the first to comment, the first to spread our content around. They’re always asking, ‘Where are you?’ in a panic if you haven’t posted in a couple weeks. It’s so bizarre to realize that over the past few years, 2 million different people have been like, ‘Hey, I wanna keep up with this guy,’ to not just be a casual viewer and ‘X’ out of the screen at the end of the video. These people took an interest and then the initiative to follow. I appreciate them. I can’t believe it.”

To celebrate his 2 million subscribers, Kingsley will be releasing a “Draw My Life” video later this week to give us an inside — and I don’t doubt fucking amazing — look into the life of YouTube’s sassiest vlogger.

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