Princess Monster Truck the Cat and Her Beautiful Smile On Their Way To Being The Next Viral Cat Sensation


Move over, Tard the Cat, your days in the spotlight have come to an end. If there is one thing you can always count on, it is people’s love for awkward looking animals. First there was Tard the Grumpy Cat, then came Lil Bub, and now Instagram’s newest celebrity is a cat by the name of Princess Monster Truck. A straight up fox, if you ask me.

Princess Monster Truck was found by Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce one night while they were walking home to their Brooklyn apartment. After falling out a bush, hair all matted and extremely thin, Monster (as her family calls her) bewitched the hearts of her new owners with her ogre-like appearance and intense underbite. Rescued from the streets of the city, Monster now spends her days ruling Tracy and Joseph’s East Village apartment with her penetrating yellow eyes that miss nothing. Well on her way to fame and fortune, Princess Monster Truck created an Instagram for her fans to follow the adventures of her daily life. Sure she may scare you the first time you see her face but after a few minutes of browsing her glamour shots, you can’t help but fall in love with the slightly ugly, slightly adorable feline that is Princess Monster Truck.

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