[UPDATED] Fake Pumpcast News? Gas Station Karaoke Explodes With Viral 7.7 Million Views Over Weekend [VIDEO]

 UPDATE [5/13/13 11:37AM]: Well, you’ve got to hand it to TheSmokingGun — they get their stories. Shortly after revealing that Charles Ramsey had a nasty criminal past, they’ve dropped the bombshell again with the potential evidence that this video of a cute couple doing karaoke at a gas station might be fake as well.

It turns out that the woman in the video, Monifah Sims, was an edition of “Pumpcast News” two years ago. Also her husband and herself used to run a Chicago-based theatre house and she won a TNT-based (that’s the TV network, not the dynamite) acting talent competition. Plus, people find it sketchy that the Eurythmic’s song she requests was so quick to play. As everyone is beginning to comment, “The Tonight Show” was probably desperate to have a hit viral vid and they farmed one up.

Here’s my take on this whole sordid affair: Monica has a taste for celebrity — she wants to be famous, and, likely, so does her hubbie. “The Tonight Show” people aren’t in on this. Why would they hire a lady just to make occasional appearances on “The Tonight Show”? Add to that, she didn’t even sing during her first appearance. More likely, these two people, recognizing that Leno does his “Pumpcast News” bit from the same pump at the same gas station ALWAYS go to that pump, that gas station. It makes sense why she was laughing so hard. The Leno people, once they realized they had something special on their hands, probably said, “Hey, don’t make mention of the fact that you were on here before — it will seem suspicious.”

It’s not so hard to imagine that some acting couple who moved to the acting capital of the world would attempt this strategy — clearly it initially paid off. That’s why they call it Tinseltown, folks, hate the game not the players.    


I wonder if this means Jay Leno is staying around for a few more years?

Scoring a monster hit of Jimmy Kimmel proportions in virality, “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno has pulled down massive viral numbers off a hidden camera video.

With 7.7 million views and the ticker steadily trending upwards, a video showcasing a couple of lovebirds busting out sick karaoke at a gas station pump has created a few insta-stars. Will and Monifa Sims, a run-of-the-mill couple pulled in to get some gas at a Burbank gas station recently and had their lives instantly transformed.

Tim Stack (he was on “Son of the Beach” years ago) plays a newsman reading the “Pumpcast News” — the boringly pleasant fluff they play on a video screen while you pump your gas. Suddenly, to Will Sims’ surprise, the newsman on screen offers him a deal: A free tank of gas for some good karaoke. And Will delivers, belting Bon Jovi better than Bon Jovi.

If that wasn’t enough, his wife, Monifah, gets out and busts some “Sweet Dreams” with Will doing the vocal fills and accompaniment on the dance breaks. Now, with crazy viral success the couple will likely get stuffed down the public’s throat and show up on every music-related television program out there. Hell, by the end of the month, they’ll probably be hosting a music show.

Somewhere, Charles Ramsey is yelling out, “Hey America, remember me? I didn’t take that reward money! Put me on a music show!”

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