Ray William Johnson and Blip Partner To Continue Development Of Runaway Planet

Well done, Blip. If I were trying to take YouTube down, my first step would also probably be to grab the video-sharing site’s biggest name. It seems that Blip is taking a huge step in ramping up their roster of star talent by working out a deal with none other than YouTube’s golden son, Ray William Johnson.

During the Blip NewFront presentation in New York, CEO Kelly Day announced that the web series platform site would provide seed funding for Johnson’s production company, Runaway Planet.


Now there has been a lot of confusion about Runaway Planet, so I figured a nice refresher would be in order. God, I hope I get this right: Runaway Planet is the production studio of Johnson and his lady love Anna Akana. In an interview about the production studio with NMR, Johnson explained that “In the short term, we all aim to create a few high-quality scripted and unscripted projects.”

The development and production deal between Blip and Johnson will provide seed money for Johnson’s company to produce original new series, and would allegedly require the “=3” creator to distribute some of his videos through Blip.

“The NewFront was the right time to introduce Blip’s new direction of curated, brand-friendly content around audience interests,” said Day. “By bringing together the best content creators from Hollywood to YouTube, Blip is able to offer advertisers and audiences topical channels around strong brands and talent.” Well, they certainly have the talent part figured out.

Other brands that have struck production deals with Blip include My Damn Channel and FremantleMedia.

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