Red Bull’s ‘Exit Vine’ Series Season Finale Asks Viewers to Decide Characters’ Fate [VIDEO]

What will happen to Natalie and her band Ambicide? You get to decide what happens to her band after watching the season finale of Red Bull Music Channel’s interactive scripted series “Exit Vine.”

It has been a long journey for Natalie since she moved to Los Angeles to find success as a musician. Along the way, she’s formed a new band called Ambicide and at the same time made a few enemies in her quest for fame. After an intense and unusual rap battle with Encore (played by YouTube veteran Mia Rose) MC’d by DeStorm Power, Natalie tries to pick up the pieces as a series of events threatens the fate of her band Ambicide.

The season finale features a who’s who of YouTube stars, and besides DeStorm and Mia Rose, guest stars include Dave Days, Greg Benson from Mediocre Films, Rachel Talbott of YouTube channel Check In the Mirror and Jon of YouTube creator group Simplyspoons.

You can watch what happens to Natalie and Ambicide in the video above and make your voice heard about what happens next season by clicking here and post in the comments section.

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