Reddit Gets Upvote For Restoring Grandpa’s Navy Photo [VIDEO]

[Jeff wipes tear] Good ol’ Reddit, always doing nice things for the world. Sure they love their underage upskirt pics and atheistic ranting, but I think we as a society can all forgive godless child molesters as long as they bring a smile to an old man’s face.

In all actually, this video of an old man being shown the after effects of what some skilled Redditors could do with Photoshop on an old Navy photo is touching (or, actually, re-touching — bah dum chee). Recorded by his grandson so that the proper Redditors could get a visual version of the old man’s appreciation (though he never actually thanks anyone, I’m sure they get the picture), this video has gone viral in its own right.

First the grandson shows his grandpa the original photo, and then, photo by photo, he lays down each updated and corrected image, finishing with a framed one that looks to be in absolutely flawless form — missing all the cracks, wrinkles and faded tones of the original. But being Reddit, I kept waiting for the one photo of the old man riding a flying unicorn while sucking on a dick. Thankfully, for the old guy’s sake, it never comes.

Stay classy, Reddit; it looks good on you.

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