Reddit Lists Its Most Reddit-Addicted Cities Before Its Annual Global Meetup Day


In preparation for its fourth Annual Global Reddit Meetup Day on June 15, Reddit admins have compiled a few statistics using Google Analytics to detail where their die-hard users come from as a way to encourage local pride.

The city with the most visits on Reddit is New York City, followed by Toronto, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sydney, San Francisco, Seattle, Melbourne and Austin. Outside of the English-speaking world, the two biggest cities are Montreal and Stockholm.

In terms of pageviews per capita, Austin is the world’s most prolific Reddit city, with the Canadian cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver taking up the rest of the top five positions. Rounding out the top 10 Reddit pageviews per capita cities are Sydney, Melbourne, San Diego, Brisbane and Portland.

Other notable stats mentioned in the Reddit blog post include:

-Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, Oak Brook, Illinois and South Saint Paul, Minnesota are the three most Reddit-addicted cities in the world, which is based on time spent on the site. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Oklahoma City are the most Reddit-addicted cities in the Top 100 cities by total visits.

-Norwegian language speakers averaged 19:08 minutes per session, making them the most Reddit-addicted language. GB English came second at around 18:34 per session.

-New York City has the most local subreddits by average users online in the past 24 hours, followed by Toronto, Seattle, Portland and Philadelphia.

For more information on your local Reddit Meetup Day location, check out the local reddits page here.

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