Rhett and Link’s ‘Graduation Song’: Better Than Your High School Commencement Speech

I can’t recall what the theme of my high school graduation commencement speech was, but it probably went something like: “We will achieve a lot of things in life,” or some other inspirational stuff I’ve heard many times over.

In an ideal world, showing Rhett and Link’s latest video for “The Graduation Song” instead of letting the valedictorian give some stilted, clichéd speech would make graduation ceremonies more entertaining.

Besides a catchy tune and a well-directed one-shot video, “The Graduation Song” speaks the truth that your valedictorian won’t have the guts to say—life’s going to be hard after high school and you’ll need lots of luck.

See their message to the Class of 2013 in the viral YouTube video above and an alternate video showing how the music video was made below.

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