Samuel L. Jackson to Perform the Best Monologue Submitted by Redditors


If you’ve got a badass monologue that’s 300 words or less, Samuel L. Jackson would love to hear from you. He is asking Redditors to post their best monologues on the /r/movies subreddit and Jackson himself will read the most upvoted entry.

Jackson posted on the movies subreddit explaining that he’s doing this contest to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society: “Let’s go muthaphukkas give me something interesting to say!!!!”

Besides having your monologue read by Mr. Badass himself, Jackson will also give a random donation of $3 or more to the Alzheimer’s Society a chance to have lunch with him in the United Kingdom. Donors of $200 or more will get an autographed Kangol hat, a staple of Samuel L. Jackson’s wardrobe.

Have something interesting for Jackson to say? You have until tomorrow night to post your best monologue.

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