‘Scrubs’ Actor Zach Braff Responds To Kickstarter Critics in Whiny YouTube Video

Zach Braff looks like he’s in a bad place. With unshaven face, messy hair and a hobo jacket, he appears to be trying that “I really, really need the money!” technique of “slumming it for sympathy.”

As the second of my two-part series on guys named Zach, this interview video from the Kickstartedmovie channel featuring Zach Braff relates to a kerfuffle in which Zach wanted to make a follow-up film to “Garden State” (not a sequel — he clarifies that in the interview, just something “in the vein of”). He turned to the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter, and as it turns out, his “little project” raised a lot of money — $2.5 million (with 14 days still to go). It turns out that poor people don’t like it when “BIG, RICH HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES” use “poor little Kickstarter investors” for their own “greedy machinations.” It’s all bullshit really, but Zach took enough heat about it, that he felt the need to fumble through an explanation of sorts.

In the 17-minute(!) video posted to YouTube under the heading of “Zach Braff Talks Kickstarter & Responds to Critics” … let’s just say, it doesn’t go well.

Zach desperately tries to soothe his naysayers by dropping internet “stuff.” Dropping little internet happenings and things such as “that (controversial) Morgan Freeman AMA on Reddit … I don’t know if you know about it” and “I wrote a blog … (back then) people didn’t know what a blog was.” Oh Zach, we were wrong, you ARE one of us.

That maybe seems like sarcasm — and it is a little bit — but the bottom line is that I don’t have a problem with Zach turning to Kickstarter to raise funds.


Kickstarter is not a zero-sum gain. Because Zach Braff “won” it does not mean some poor tinkering inventor “lost.” It was never a case of either/or — Zach stumbles through this explanation, but he should have just come out and dropped this bomb: “People want to see more of my work; this is how it’s gonna happen.” Just be unapologetic, Zach — you have the money, let the quality of the work speak for itself. It’s the same as when people were angry that P. Diddy’s kid got a UCLA scholarship. People thought because Diddy could afford to pay for it, he should have. Do other rich people’s kids not get scholarships? Sorry that this “loophole” exists, but your kid should have played football better if you wanted him on UCLA’s roster for free. Shit happens. You don’t like that Zach Braff is “rich” and soliciting money from fans who want to see more of his work? Too damn bad. Make something that people want to see more. Welcome to capitalism, goddamnit.

Also, this video goes on waaay too long, but it annoys me that he puts “Scrubs” in as “some of HIS work.” The correction: “Scrubs” was not something Zach “did.” It was something that he, as a wannabe actor, got to be a part of. Sure he brought something a little magical to the character, but “Scrubs” would have been a “money” show with or without his “magic.” “Garden State” IS Zach’s movie — there’s a difference. Just sayin’.

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