‘Sexy Pool Party’ Pulls 1 Million+ Views in 1 Day, Is the First Must-Watch Video of the Summer

Dammit, I need a pool. Actually, first I need friends … but maybe “friends” will just show up once I have a pool? Okay then, first I need a house and money to get a pool. And a permit from the city. Plus, a pool will make the insurance rates skyrocket on the house I don’t have … you know what? I’m just going to watch this video instead.

Born to us like the Son of Jor-el (that’s a Superman reference for you damn amateurs), “Sexy Pool Party” is the first must-watch video of summer (well … when summer gets here, that is). Winding up much cooler (not literally) than the last pool video we reviewed, this funny vid dares to posit that everything looks hotter when it gets wet (cue Bon Jovi tunes).

Uploaded yesterday, this tasty offering from the folks at Britainickdotcom has already yanked 1.1 million views from YouTube gluttons everywhere, making the comedy duo one to watch. But don’t call them up-and-comers, they’ve been at the viral video game for five years now, honing their craft, recruiting famous friends … and (Jeff clenches fist) buying a pool.

I assume you came for the “sexy,” so that is what you shall get. Check out these sexy NMR links:

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