Shaycarl Teases Smosh Appearance In Upcoming ‘I’m Vlogging Here’ Documentary

Update 5/14/2013 2:50 PM: It’s been brought to our attention that Shaycarl and Smosh were actually getting together not to work on a future collaboration, but instead to film for Shaycarl’s upcoming documentary “I’m Vlogging Here.”

It may not be big news to some, but to others (mainly YouTube fanatics), it’s the biggest thing to hit the web since Angelfire started letting people set their cursors to GIFs of butterflies and dragons. I am of course talking about the inevitable Smosh and Shaycarl collaboration that is racing towards our YouTube feeds like a class-3 kill storm.

And how, pray tell, did NMR find out about this super-secret upcoming group project? The answer, as you may be shocked to discover, is Instagram. So by “super-secret” I really meant everybody and their cousin knows by now.


Shaycarl posted the above photo on Instagram several hours ago with accompanying text that read:

“Filmed with @smoshian and@smoshanthony till 2am! I dreamed about their hair all night long.”

There you have it, Shaytards and Smoshers, the holy duo of great hair and supreme niceness. Now all we need is for Ray William Johnson to join the mix, which would most likely cause the Elder gods to erupt from the core of the Earth. Whoa, that got dark.

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