Shaycarl Uploads Footage Of New Maker Head Ynon Kreiz Addressing Staff In Recent Vlog

We don’t usually cover daily vlogs around the NMR office, but we decided that the most recent Shaytards vlog entry was definitely worth checking out for a specific reason.

This upload is so interesting simply because it opens on a company-wide meeting with the Maker Studios staff. The meeting, as it turns out, is being held to introduce the staff to the network’s recently promoted executive chairman, Ynon Kreiz, who replaced former CEO Danny Zappin.


It’s one of the first times that a member of Maker’s inner circle of founders have acknowledged Zappin’s departure. While Shay Carl doesn’t necessarily speak about the company’s restructuring, his uploading of the footage shows a new level of transparency possibly being adopted by Maker and its executives.

It’s refreshing to see Carl, someone who has built a successful career out of being totally transparent, taking a more open approach to a subject that Maker most likely doesn’t want people dwelling on for too long.

You can check out the upload above, and for more on Maker’s recent restructuring, check out one of the many articles below.

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