‘Sims Gone Wrong’ Tumblr Treats You To Motorboating, Crossdressing and Naked Sims

That is a lot of naked Sims to collect in one place. Tumblr’s newest player “Sims Gone Wrong” captures all of the glitches, mistakes and awkward moments experienced during a Sims’ malfunction (hint: think naked Sims riding brooms and you’ve got yourself a glitch).

At one point or another, everyone has become sucked into the world of “The Sims.” For me, it was junior high school, when there were more expansion packs available than intoxicated people at Coachella. And with the right hacking code, your Sim could live a life of luxury that you hoped would someday be yours. Like a god, I built mansions with the best furniture and most expensive appliances, created and destroyed relationships and watched families grow and move on or die. Ironically, most of my Sims died because their houses were too big and they couldn’t clean them, something that could have been avoided had I not used a hack code, I now realize. So looking through “Sims Gone Wrong” was like a trip down memory lane for a creator like me. Well, an X-rated memory lane since the major glitch seems to be that every Sim forgets their clothes or stands naked looking at sleeping people or is trying to grab old women’s butts.

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