Singaporean Worker’s Viral Video Shows Supervisor Assaulting Intern

A Singapore Institute of Management employee secretly filmed his supervisor assaulting an intern and posted the video on YouTube, which has since gone viral.

In the 17-second clip above, a bespectacled man punches the intern in the head as he is sitting in his desk, but the intern remains seated. A co-worker intervenes and tries to defuse the situation but can not do anything about it.

The employee told that he showed the footage to the internship coordinator: “I wanted to head down to SIM to show her the footage and give her a better understanding of what was happening in that office. But I was really disappointed when she brushed me aside, saying that she will talk to the manager first. I felt that my school didn’t take me seriously.”

He later confronted the supervisor, who explained that he hit the intern because he had an inferiority complex and was merely trying to “nurture” him. reported that the supervisor apologized to the intern’s parents, but was rebuffed.

Since the video went viral, the employee and the intern have been dismissed from their positions at the Singapore Institute of Management.