Smosh Announces Gamer-Fueled Multi-Channel Network Smosh Games Alliance

With the incredible success of YouTube channel Smosh Games (over 270 million views in less than two years) it comes as no surprise that the Smosh team is now branching out to start Smosh Games Alliance.

The new Smosh-fueled initiative will build a community of gaming channels hosted and created by content creators on YouTube. Perks of joining the Smosh Games Alliance, as told in the above video, include opportunities to have your gaming content featured on a weekly show “Smosh Games Alliance Spotlight” as well as community support aimed at helping creators’ gaming channels grow.

Although Smosh Games Alliance points out that they are an “alliance” and not a network, the new venture seems to have many of features associated with modern multi-channel networks including a dedicated hub for content promotion.

Smosh Games Alliance is now accepting submission applications, which you can find here.

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