Social Site Zeen Could Be The Next Best Way To Promote Your YouTube Videos

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Almost one year ago, AVOS Systems — a company led by YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen — unveiled content curation site Zeen with little to no fanfare. With the exception of a few articles detailing the site’s mysterious origins, Zeen came into this world quietly and has stayed that way for a little under a year.

Recently, however, there’s been rumbling around various YouTube message boards that Zeen has the potential to be the next big thing for promoting video content.

Zeen is a magazine application that takes the content collections aspects of online newspaper creator and mixes them with the social sharing aspects of sites like Pinterest or Instagram.

If you’re like many creators, tired of Twitter being for only famous people and too poor to use Facebook, then you’re looking for any alternative to market your content.

Here are some reasons why you should and shouldn’t use Zeen to take your YouTube promotion to the next level.


Why Zeen Could Work For YouTube Creators

Zeen was created to build stories through content curation. As a creator, in order to stand out above the million of hours of content uploaded daily, you have to give your audience a full entertainment experience.

A gaming channel, for example, can attach written reviews and screenshots to any of their videos, helping their fans get a better feel for the game they’ll be playing.

Not to mention Zeen’s lower user numbers mean that your videos have less of a chance of getting washed away in a content flood.


Why Zeen Doesn’t Work For YouTube Creators

While a smaller demographic of users means that you have a better chance of standing out, it also means that Zeen isn’t necessarily a popular social media platform.

After a year of business, Zeen is still in its beta phase, which doesn’t bode well for the site. It’s a simple matter of following the crowd, and in Zeen’s case, the crowd just isn’t there right now. That’s not to say the site will never have an audience; maybe YouTube creators are that audience.

However, when deciding how you will split up your time promoting content, would you rather spend time crafting posts for incredibly successful social media sites like Twitter and Facebook or building zeens that will potentially go unseen?

Unzeen? There has to be a pun there.

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