Social Star Awards Trailer is a Who’s Who of YouTube Greats [VIDEO]


Starcount wants you to know about the Social Star Awards in a bad way. Like, in a crazy, bring tons of awesome YouTubers together for a funny video, sort of bad way. But you know what? Because they’ve done just that, we all win.

Assembling some of the hottest names in YouTube including Jenna Marbles, Epic Meal Time, Ryan Higa, Destorm Power, FreddieW, Shane Dawson, Natalie Tran, Lindsey Stirling, D-Trix, Blogilates, David Choi, MysteryGuitarMan, Wong Fu Productions, Hikakin and Honey Singh, I shit you not, this is like some form of YouTube Justice League, recruited to teach one very nerdy young man how to be a YouTube star.

Of course, it also helps if your “nerd” has made out with Bar Refaeli and has some star power of his own. Jesse Heiman, star of the infamous GoDaddy Superbowl ad, needs to get some YouTube cred in order to have a chance at a Social Star Award — good thing this crack team of aces is on hand to whip him into top shape. Voice lessons, swagger lessons, food lessons, vlog training and fitness workouts — Jesse goes through the motions in order to be legit.

Make sure you tune in to watch the Social Star awards show live on YouTube on May 23rd, because if this ad for it is any indication, this show is going to be EPIC (meal time)!

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