Social Star Awards Trailer Puts Harley Morenstein in the Obi Wan Role For An Epic YouTube Event [VIDEO]

Before I answer the question of “Why another social media awards show?” I first want to say, watch this trailer for the Social Star Awards and answer this: “Are you not excited?!”

The why of the Social Star Awards, presented by Starcount and sponsored by YouTube, is simple: social media is a global medium and the world needs something that represents social media on that scale. Everything that has come before this is regional in scope.

Starcount, a Singapore-based social media company, is pulling out all the stops for the three-day awards show which runs May 23-25 in Singapore and which will allegedly be broadcast live via YouTube. So far, it’s largely a hush-hush affair, but they’ve teamed up with San Francisco-based creative production company Portal A to hype up the event. Released today, we get the initial video that sets the script for a who’s-who of epic YouTuber proportions.

If you still need proof, check out Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time doing his best Obi Wan to Jesse Heiman (the kid who made out with Bar Refaeli in that GoDaddy commercial) for that above teaser I told you to watch a couple minutes ago (Jesus, get with the program).

While Zach Blume, a partner at Portal A is coy about what is to come, he assured us that it will be quite epic. Yup, that’s all you and I get … for now.

So this is definitely one of those “stay tuned for more” affairs. But if you can make it out to the awards show in Singapore, Aerosmith, Carly Rae Jepsen and Cee-Lo are performing. Also, I saw something about a performer named … what was it … oh yeah, PSY.

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