‘SquareBob SpongeMix’ Gives Us A Reason To Finally Mix Drugs & Cartoons [VIDEO]

Although not a drug user myself, I can still see the many, many situations in which — to use a phrase I believe was first coined on Sesame Street — “popping a molly” would be beneficial. Birthday parties of your elder relatives, graduation ceremonies, baptisms, parole hearings, junior baseball tournaments and judo lessons all seem like appropriate if not mandatory times to do some party drugs.

Now, thanks to the confusing world of the internet, you, me and everyone else have another fairly justifiable reason to partake in this delightful narcotic. The reason being music producer Pogo’s most recent “Spongebob Squarepants”-themed dance mix.

It’s super weird, but also pretty good. If you were a child of the Spongebob generation or an adult who was probably too old to be watching the show, you’ll probably dig this; double if you’re on drugs.