Steve Wilhite, Inventor of the GIF, Clears Up The Debate on Just How To Say ‘GIF’

I thought this was America!

So the grammar nazis have begun to slowly round up all you web-enthusiasts who like to pronounce the word “GIF” as in a “gift” without the “t.” You’ll be systematically loaded onto short buses and driven round the town square, where your linguistic superiors will hurl discord and rocks at you. From there, it’s on to the reeducation center where needles will poke you in your eyes until you pronounce “GIF” like “JIF” — God’s way. Think the “peanut butter brand” or “how long it takes your mom to come over to my house.”


Confirmed by Steve Wilhite, who created the Graphic Interchange Format in 1987, the big reveal was made when he accepted a Webby for his work on Tuesday and in his five word (that’s all you’re allowed) acceptance speech, said, “It’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.”

The clarification will likely end years of feuding between us who say it correctly and those assholes who eat their bread butter side down. Now, knowing the internet, I’ve got to believe someone has already made a GIF of him saying it.