Get Up And Stop Handing Kids A Friggin’ Packet: Student Wisely Educates His Teacher About How To Teach [VIDEO]

UPDATE: We had this vid for you when it was posted yesterday, but right as we were going to press, the user redacted it off YouTube for reasons unknown (possibly because the original post named the student and the teacher, below). It has since popped up again on Facebook. So we’ll ride this pony while its available.

“Jeff goes off in Mrs. Phung!! Finally somebody put her in ha place lol. .Jeff is too real!!”

That might be my favorite video description ever — and not because of the malapropism where he says “in” instead of “on” either. I love this because it seems so damn real — like “Jeff.” This poster had no idea this vid was gonna blow up big — he just posted it to YouTube and it went like a wildfire. There’s something neat about these organic viral vids as opposed to the videos a poster expects to just go nuts in the numbers department.

What’s intriguing about this video also, is that it showcases the ability of YouTube to act as a doler of rewards and punishments. Like the Charles Ramsey vid that dropped on the same day, this kid “Jeff,” who looks like someone most of us would just say, “Forget that knob” about, instantly garners the respect of the internet (over 4,000 likes and it was #1 on Reddit) because of YouTube. And on the other hand, Mrs. Phung has been vilified because she is a lazy “packet teacher” just content to cash a paycheck while wasting her students time.

As a society, we’re still not used to the idea that we could, at any time, be on camera. And as a result of that, the world gets to have these heroes who seemingly spring out of nowhere to make us believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow. And also, these villains, whom the internet can exact just (okay, sometimes harsh) revenge on, making us all believe that we are part of a global task force for manufacturing better people. We need more “Jeff”’s and less “Mrs. Phung”’s.

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