Taryn Southern, Alex G’s ‘I Love It’ Music Video is Hotter Than McDonald’s Coffee [VIDEO]

Taryn Southern and Alex G have teamed up to cover an infectious song by Swedish duo Icona Pop called “I Love It.”

When one of the documented hottest girls on the internet (so what if I’m the one doing the documenting?) and her hot fellow YouTuber friend make a music video, you know I’m going to beat up everyone in the office so that I get to be the one to cover it. Law of the jungle and all that.

But this video is a different kind of hot — as in, potential evidence of a crime being committed.

For evidence, I submit the Santa Monica Pier — a fun, festive locale where the girls frolic and flirt and kind of do that thing girls do, you know, when you get the vibe that they might kiss …

Then there is a scene of the same girls in the same outfits in the same part of town — gassing up a Lexus convertible with Florida plates! Considering that Taryn is filling the car, one would naturally have to believe it is hers … and considering that she’s lived in California for over a year (at least), I would deduce that she’s using Florida plates to avoid the CA vehicle registration tax!

Take her away, boys! Sure, I might have a cardboard cut-out of Taryn that I laugh at old episodes of “Friends” with and spoonfeed canned raviolis to, but Jeff Klima is on the side of law and order.

You’ll get to do plenty of singing when you’re in a cage, jailbird!

P.S. I’ll write.

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