‘The Brothers Riedell’ Talk Hosting ‘Internet Icon’ Season 2 And Awkward Fan Interactions [INTERVIEW]


The dynamic duo behind “The Brothers Riedell,” Chris and Nick Riedell, got their big YouTube break when they won season one of the YOMYOMF Network’s talent competition “Internet Icon.” Frustrated by the creative restraints of their jobs in the entertainment industry — Chris in acting and Nick in editing and camera work — the brothers began making comedy videos in their spare time, and before long, what started out as a weird experiment turned into a love affair. Since joining YouTube in 2011 (as instructed to by their good friend Chester See), the brothers have created weekly comedy videos that are a mixture of short music videos, skits and personal vlogs documenting the life of the brothers and their love affair with cheese.

Having already been crowned champions of the inaugural season, the Brothers Riedell return to host “Internet Icon,” a YouTube “Idol”-style talent competition that sets out to find the next big YouTuber. Chris and Nick will act as hosts and mentors for season two of the show, which premieres May 21 at 8 p.m. EST on the YOMYOMF Network. In between filming and traveling, the Riedell brothers shared with NMR the reasons they originally auditioned for “Internet Icon, “ why their comedy doesn’t fit the traditional mold of YouTube humor and their most awkward type of encounter with fans.

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