The Lonely Island Crashes ‘Between Two Ferns’ With Zach Galifianakis, Also James Franco [VIDEO]


The Lonely Island could be humongously successful Spring Break badasses a la LMFAO, but they’re too meta for that noise.

Popping up on Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” as the musical guest, The Lonely Island interrupt James Franco’s interview to launch into what seems like a simple ode to all things “Spring Break.”

Shots, titties, pool parties and tasteful gay weddings are all part of the menu — this is where the camera zooms in and out repeatedly — “DID HE JUST SAY GAY WEDDINGS?!” Beautifully intermixing or, perhaps, juxtaposing traditional spring break tropes with the idea of male-on-male lifetime commitment is just the sort of “raised ante” humor one could hope to see from the forthcoming The Lonely Island recording, “The Wack Album.”

The Lonely Island hopefully signify a changing of the vanguard when it comes to pop culture — much like “The Simpsons,” they can be appreciated on multiple levels. At their base, The Lonely Island can be appreciated for funny words in catchy songs, i.e. “Dick in a Box,” and “Jizz In My Pants.” But these guys didn’t grow up “cool”; this (coupled with that whole “Silicon Valley uprising”) is the revenge of the nerds that that 80’s comedy was warning us about (I don’t remember what that movie was called … I think it was … “The Bus that Couldn’t Slow Down”). Specifically with their “Spring Break” song, the SNL alums and early YouTubers reveal just how easy it is to make a “meathead anthem” that, if real, would likely be the hottest jam in Cancun from mid-March through May. Then they proceed to shit all over it with the least “Spring Break” thing ever.

That they chose to do it on an episode of “Between Two Ferns” is just icing on the wedding cake.

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